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Our Donors

Platinum Palmetto Member 

BlueCross BlueShield of South Carolina
Central Carolina Community Foundation
City of Columbia
Medical Society of South Carolina
Mrs. Louise Newton Family Fund of Coastal Community Foundation
SC Commission on Higher Education

Golden Palmetto Member

Mrs. Nathan Addlestone
AstraZeneca Pharmaceuticals LP
Mr. and Ms. Jeffrey Carmean
Charleston County School District
Charleston ENT Associates, LLC
City of Charleston, SC
Mr. Joe A. Edens, Jr.
Estate of James H. Shelley
The Exchange Club of Charleston
Mr. and Mrs. Brett A. Hildebrand
The InterTech Group Foundation, Inc.
Island Harbor Development Corp.
The Joanna Foundation
Ms. Anne Rhodes Lee
Lothmann Family Fund of CCF
Mr. and Mrs. E. Erwin Maddrey, II
Morelli Heating & Air
Nelson Mullins Riley & Scarborough
Palmetto Health
Richland Sertoma Club
State Farm Insurance Company
Ms. Patricia B. Uffelman

Silver Palmetto Member

Ms. Marianne Bagwell
The Bakker Family Fund of Coastal Community Foundation
Berkeley Electric Cooperative
Mr. J. Anderson Berly, III
Mr. and Mrs. Rob Black
Mr. Tommy Boyd
Mr. Graham Brough
Ms. Joy Brown
Ms. Michelle Bundrick
Ms. Terri Bynoe
C & A Unlimited, Inc.
Carolina Nutrition Consultants, Inc.
Ceres Foundation Inc.
Mr. and Mrs. Stuart A. Christie
Ms. Mary W. Clark
The Honorable James E. Clyburn
Ms. Donna Copley
Craver & Current, PA
Daltondemorest Foundation
Ms. Tammy Denton
Dept. Of SC Military Order of Purple Heart
Dorothy D. Smith Charitable Foundation
Mr. William Duffard
Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Famiano
Mr. and Mrs. A. David Fary, Jr.
The Fund for the Arts of Coastal Community Foundation
Ms. Lynn Fussell
Grace Episcopal Church
Ms. Elleastene Grant-Partlow
Mr. Curt Harmon
Ms. Mary W. Hellams
Mr. and Mrs. Henry G. Heriot
Mr. and Mrs. Batson L. Hewitt, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Lewis M. Hobgood
Mr. and Mrs. C. Ralph Hooper
Mr. Joseph J. Hordych
Houghton Fund of Coastal Community Foundation of SC
Ms. Rachel Hutchisson
Jerry and Anita Zucker Family Endowment Fund
Ms. Malinda Johnson
Kellett Family Foundation
Mrs. Christina R. Kelly
Ms. Bobbi J. Kennedy
Dr. & Mrs. William Kirkley
Mr. C. Frederick Kornahrens, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Jack W. Lawrence
Ms. Anne Rhodes Lee
Links, Inc., Charleston SC Chapter
Mr. Clinton K. Lucas
Ms. Leslie Lyke
Mr. and Mrs. Carroll E. Martin
Mr. Ronald A. Maxwell
Mr. and Mrs. James S. McHone
Morris Street Baptist Church
Mt. Moriah Missionary Baptist Church
Ms. Rachel R. Otis
Palmetto Conference Branch Women’s Missionary Society
Post and Courier Foundation
Riley Pope & Laney, LLC
Harriet and Linda Ripinsky Fund of Coastal Community Foundation
The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation
Mr. L. B. Robertson, II
Rotary Club of Charleston
Ms. Betty Rowland
Ms. Laura G. Runy
Saul Alexander Foundation
Ms. Janet E. Segal
The Honorable Vincent Sheheen
Showa Denko Carbon, Inc.
Mr. and Mrs. Wesley S. Slice
Mr. Robert Spratlin, Jr.
Dr. and Mrs. Joseph T. Stukes
Ms. Mary W. Sturtevant
Dr. C. Alden Sweztman
Mr. and Mrs. S. Russell Taylor
Mr. and Mrs. Alfred K. Taylor, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. H.J. Upchurch Jr.
Ms. Vickie Cox Vernon
Ms. Caroline W. Vreede
Ms. Esther S. Walker
Wal-Mart #1164
Ms. Kathy Warren
Washington Benefield Family Reunion
Mr. and Mrs. Philip C. Wilkins
Mr. and Mrs. John Winthrop
Mr. and Mrs. Gil Young

Bronze Palmetto Member

Mr. and Mrs. Ron Abbott
Ms. Linda Abernathy
Mr. and Mrs. William E. Ackerman
Mr. Richard Acton
Advanced Hearing Care, Inc.
Mr. & Mrs. John E. Aiken, Jr.
Ms. Sybil M. Albert
Alec H. Chaplin Co.
Mr. and Mrs. George Allawos
Ms. Gloria Allen
Ms. Charlene Ambrose
American Custom Service, Inc.
Mr. & Mrs. Brady Anderson
Col. and Mrs. Robert J.H. Anderson
Mr. Wendell W. Anthony
Mr. & Mrs. John Arnold
Ms. Jane L. Assey
Ms. Holly Atkins
The Audiology Center, Inc.
Ms. Caroline Aughtry
The Rt. Rev. and Mrs. James S. Aull
Mr. Barney Austin
Ms. Barbara Austin
Mr. Frank H. Avent
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas L. Axson
Mr. Keith M. Babcock
and Ms. Jacquelyn Dickman
Mr. and Mrs. John D. Baker
Ms. Carol Baker
Mr. and Mrs. Alexander C. Baker
Mr. and Mrs. Charles J. Baker, III
Capt. and Mrs. Jeffrey W. Baldwin
Mr. and Mrs. Richard M. Ball
The Rev. Canon John C. Ball, Jr.
Bank of Clarendon
Baptist Minister Wives of Charleston and Vicinity
Mr. Robert A. Barber, Jr.
Mr. Murray Baroody
Gen. and Mrs. Michael B. Barrett
Mr. Bob Barriek
Ms. Gina Bell
Mr. Clinch H. Belser, Jr.
Mr. L. Russell Bennett
Ms. Carole Anne Benson
Mr. and Mrs. Lester E. Bergen
Ms. Susan Beriault-Williams
Berkeley County School District
Mr. David Betts
Mr. and Mrs. Glenn R. Bickley
Mr. and Mrs. Tommy A. Billas
Ms. Kristi Dixon Bills
Mrs. Ann A. Birch
Mr. Peter Bischoff
Mr. and Mrs. John C. Blackburn
Mr. and Mrs. Lester J. Blackwell, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Guy Blanton
Ms. Gwendolyn F. Bole
Mr. & Mrs. Von P. Boozer
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew V. Bowden, Sr.
Mr. and Mrs. Norman L. Boyd, Jr.
Mr. Ralph T. Boykin
Ms. Alice F. Boyle
Mr. and Mrs. McGregor Boyle
Mr. Milton Bracell
Mr. Richard Braddock
Mr. and Mrs. W. Philip Bradley
Mrs. Ann Braithwaite
Mr. & Mrs. James B. Brice, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Douglas L. Brockhard
Mrs. Minnie G. Brown
Dr. and Mrs. William Tim Brown
Ms. Beverly O. Brown
Ms. Mary Bryan
Mr. Robert Buchanan
Mr. William C. Bugg
Mr. W. H. Bull
Mr. Wayne L. Burdick
Ms. Shirley Butler
Ms. Deborah Buxton
Mr. and Mrs. James P. Byrd
Mrs. P.M. Caffey
Mr. and Mrs. James D. Callahan
Mr. John Camp
Mr. & Mrs. Donald Campbell
Ms. Mary Elizabeth Canaday
Judy and Gary Cannon
Ms. Carolyn Caplinger
Ms. Linda Carrington
Mrs. Charles A. Carson
Rion Carson
Mr. and Mrs. George F. Carson, Jr.
Mr. Michael J. Castelluzzi
Dr. and Mrs. J. Carroll Chambers
Mr. and Mrs. Mark T. Chandler
Ms. Virginia S. Chapman
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Cherry
Ms. Susan B. Cheves
Ms. Anita Clawson
Coats Enterprises, LLc
Rev. and Mrs. Richard Cockrell
Ms. Norma Coldwell
Mr. and Mrs. Chisolm L. Coleman
Mr. and Mrs. David Coleman
Ms. Charlene C. Collette
Mr. Eric R. Combs
Mr. J. Crawford Cook
Ms. Kathie Cook
Ms. Norrie Cooper
Ms. Jean T. Cooper
Ms. Betty H. Corbitt
Dr. and Mrs. Roy Corderman, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. B. G. Corley
Mr. William Cotham
Ms. Bonnie Council
County of Charleston
Mr. and Mrs. David Cox
Mr. John Cox
Ms. Alva Cox
Ms. Emily W. Craig
Dr. and Mrs William T. Creasman
Mrs. Carolyn M. Cromer
Ms. Sharon Crossman
Mr. Paul H. Crouch
Mr. and Mrs. Harvey Cumbee
Mr. Tommy Cushman
Mr. and Mrs. John E. Cuttino
Daley’s Mobile Food Service
Mr. James Daniel
Ms. Betty Ann Darby
Ms. Susan P. Davis
Mr. and Mrs. Roger K. Davis
Mr. Larry Davis
Mr. and Mrs. Gerald T. Davis
Mr. Lamar Dawkins
Ms. Joan Deal
Mr. Andrew DeCamp
Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. Charleston Alumnae Chapter
Mr. and Mrs. William L. Dent
Mr. Alex Derrick
Mr. and Mrs. John Derrick
Ms. Susan B. Desportes
Lt. Col. and Mrs. Harvey M. Dick
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew W. Donnelly
Mr. George Dorn, Jr.
Douglas Development, LLC
Mr. and Mrs. Michael D. Drew
Mr. and Mrs. Carroll J. DuBose
Mr. Sherrill W. Duncan
Ms. Susan K. Dunn
Mr. and Mrs. Joe W. Dunn, Jr.
Ms. Laurel Eddins
Mrs. Martha C. Edens
Mr. and Mrs. Donnie R. Edwards
Mr. William Ellerve
Mr. Joseph Epting
Mr. and Mrs. Frank J. Esz
Mr. and Mrs. Riley O. Etheridge
Ms. Debbie Eures
Mr. Joseph Evans
Exchange Club of Isle Of Palms
Exchange Club of St. Paul’s Parish
Mr. and Mrs. Luther F. Fant
Mr. and Mrs. Charlie P. Farley
Ms. Yvonne Farmer
The Honorable Charles E. Fienning
First Missionary Baptist Church
Mr. and Mrs. Mark J. FitzMaurice
Mr. Thomas Fletcher
Dr. and Mrs. Arthur J. Florack
Ms. Theresa B. Floyd
Mr. John F. Folley
Forte, LLC
Ms. Sherry H. Fowler
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Fowlkes
Ms. Susan Foxworth
Ms. Sandra M. Freeman
Mr. and Mrs. Reginald Freeman
Mrs. Marcelle K. Furchgott
Ms. Sheryl Furr
Ms. Geraldine M. Gaillard
Gamma Xi Omega Chapter of Aka Sorority, Inc.
Mr. Leon Garber
Mr. David Ross Garr
and Ms. Deborah Williamson
Ms. Patricia Garrison
Mr. and Mrs. Fred J. Gassaway
Ms. Anne Gattis
Ms. Carolyn S. Gay
Gertz & Moore
Ms. Mary Lynn C. Gibson
Ms. Judith Giesin
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Gilbert
The Rev. and Mrs. Paul E. Gilbert
Mr. Sam Giltner
Mr. and Mrs. Mack Gipson
Mr. Lomas Gist
Mr. Carlton Gladney
Mr. Richard A. Glass
Mr. Ivan Goldberg
Mr. Marcus Good
Ms. Jennifer L. Good
Mr. Maxwell Goodman
Mr. Wayne Gosnell
Ms. Faye P. Grahl
Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Grantz
Greek Ladies Philoptochos Society, Inc.
Dr. Henry A. Greene
Ms. Dianne Gregory
Mr. Lawrence M. Gressette, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Ray Griffith
Major General James A. Grimsley, Jr.
Mr. James N. Gunter
Mr. and Mrs. Donald M. Gwinnup
Ms. Edwina Gwynn
Mr. George E. Haborak
Mr. and Mrs. Frank W. Hafner, Jr.
Mr. Tom Hair
Mr. Clyde C. Hale
Ms. Joyce A. Hallenbeck
Dr. and Mrs. George O. Hallman
Mr. and Mrs. John Hamilton
Mr. Albert Hamilton
Mr. and Mrs. Mobley Jack Hammond
Mr. Allen Hance and Ms. Lynn Bickley
Mr. and Mrs. Michael E. Harding
Ms. Princetta E. Harper
Ms. Debra Harris
Ms. Dorothy G. Harrison
Mr. Lewie Hartley
J. Robin Haynes
Ms. Kathleen G. Haynes
Ms. Patricia Hegliger
Ms. Susan Heimbigner
Ms. Muriel Henderson
Mr. and Mrs. H. C. Heyward
Ms. Sonja Hibshman
Mr. John Hickey
Mr. and Mrs. F. James Hodges
Ms. Blanche Hoffman
Mr. and Mrs. Renee Hollman
Mr. and Mrs. Randy Holton
Ms. Christina S. Homer
Dr. Edward Hopkins
Mr. and Mrs. Leon Horton
Ms. Amy Horwitz and Mr. Norm Shea
Mr. Robert E. Howard
Mr. and Mrs. Norman Howard, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Brian Huff
Mr. P. Keith Huggins
Mr. Bill Huntley
Ms. Trilvia Hutto
Ms. Charlene Hyslop
Mr. Stanley N. Ihekweazu
Irby’s Auto Repair
Mr. Geral Isreal
Mr. James E. Jackson
Ms. Shirley Ishmal Jamison
Mr. Benjamin Jenkins, Sr.
Ms. Martha Jernigan
Ms. Mary Jessell
Mr. William Johnson
Mr. and Mrs. Donald Johnson
Mr. and Mrs. Greg C. Johnston
Mr. Gerard Jones
Mr. and Mrs. H. Evans Jones
Mr. Barry W. Jones
Ms. Dorothy H. Jordan
Mr. Scott Jordan
Mr. Steve Joslin
Mr. C. Dan Joyner
Mr. and Mrs. Morris Kalinsky
Col. and Mrs. Robert E. Keener
Ms. Deborah Kennedy
Mr. Everette Ketchum III
Harriet and Herbert Keyserling Endowment of
Coastal Community Foundation of SC
Mr. and Mrs. Todd Kiker
Mr. Milton Kimpson
Mr. and Mrs. Kermit King
Dr. and Mrs. Wayne L. King
Ms. Geraldine F. King
Mr. and Mrs. J. Harold Kirby
Mr. Charles Kisabeth
Dr. and Mrs. Karl L. Klinar
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel R. Knapp
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Knight
Ms.. Pamela Knightner
Ms. Elizabeth Knoth
Ms. Kaye Lingle Koonce
Mr. Joseph W. Kosh
Ms. Nancy Krass
Ms. Jean M. Krupa
Dr. Ernest M. Lander, Jr.
Lands End Marketing Company, Inc
Mr. and Mrs. James L. Langdoc
Mr. & Mrs. Charles Larsen
Laurinton Dairy Farm
Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Lavisky
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas W. Lawyer
Mr. Charles R. Lee
Dr. and Mrs. C. W. Legerton, III
Ms. Patsy Legg
Ms. Linda Leone
Mr. David M. Leopard
Dr. and Mrs. Joab M. Lesesne, Jr.
Ms. Frances Levin
Mrs. Susan G. Lewis
Mr. Walter K. Lewis, Jr.
Ms. Betty L. Lidkea
Ms. Patricia S. Lilly
Mr. Samuel Linebaugh
Mr. and Mrs. John T. Litton
Mr. George S. Logan
Logos Christian Ministries
Ms. Delores A. Long
Mr. McKendree R. Long III
Dr. and Ms. Heidi Lovit
Mr. Dominic Lowe
Mr. and Mrs. Clinton Lowery
Mr. Robert Lyles
Mr. and Mrs. Hank V. MacDonald, Sr.
Mr. and Mrs. William Lee Macilwinen, Jr.
Dr. and Mrs. Joseph Mack
Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin F. Mack
The Honorable David J. Mack, III
Mr. Charles A. Maier
Ms. Mary Jo Manning
Rabbi and Mrs. Sanford T. Marcus
Marquette Charitable Organization
Mr. Kevin B. Marsh
Mr. and Mrs. Jeremy M. Martin
Ms. Marsha Martin
Ms. Elena Martinez-Vidal
Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Mathias
Mr. St. Julian S. Matthews
Mr. and Mrs. Theodore L. Mauldin
Mr. Albert D. McAlister
Mr. Tony McCarson, Jr.
Mr. Douglas R. McCoy
Mr. William McDonald
Jackie McGee
Mr. Lee McInnis
Ms. Glenna McKee
Mr. Henry McKellar
The Honorable Walton J. McLeod
Mr. Peden B. McLeod
The Rev’d. andMrs. Donald S. McPhail
Mr. and Mrs. Chuck Melton
Mr. Robert Mendenall
Meridian Business Services
Mr. and Mrs. David Michael
Ms Dolores J. Miller
Mr. Eric Miller
Mr. and Mrs. Donald Miller
Mr. Mike Miller
Miller Signs
Mr. Kevin Milliken
Ms. Sally H. Mitchell
Ms. Lillian H. Mood
Mr. John H. Moore
Ms. Rita M. Morris
Ms. Kathy R. Morris
Mr. and Mrs. J. Kenneth Morris, Jr.
Ms. Linda Moser
Ms. Arline Murphy
Ms. Catherine Murphy
Mr. and Mrs. N. V. Murphy
Ms. Marian Myers
Ms. Doris H. Myfelt
Ms. Carolyn E. Nance
Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Nelson
Mr. Harold Niekamp
Dr. and Mrs. J. Phillips Noble
Mr. and Mrs. Donald O. Nordquist
Mr. Richard Oberzan
Ms. Alice N. O’Brien
Ms. Patricia O’Cain
Ms. Claire S. O’Connor
…in honor of Steve Skardon
…in memory of Herbert J. Scholz, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Jim O’Connor
Mr. Lyle Olson
Mr. and Mrs. Earl M. Olson
Mr. and Mrs. Ray O’Neal
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Owens
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Palagallo
Mr. Thomas F. Palmer, Jr.
Ms. Julie Pangle
Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas Papadea
Ms. Barbara Parks
Ms. Betty Parris
Mr. Charles W. and Dr. Celeste H. Patrick
Ms. Jean L. Payne
Mr. Paul Payne
Ms. Dana Perry
Mr. and Mrs. Wilson R. Pierpont
Ms. Michelle Pittenger
Ms. Mauran Poole
Mr. Robert J. Porter
Ms. Barbara E. Portner
Dr. and Mrs. W. R. Posey
Ms. Novelene Powell
Ms. Jeannie Powell
Ms. Nancy Powers
Mr. and Mrs. Dexter Price
Ms. Katie Price
Ms. Valeria A. Prince
Mr. Philip H. Prince
Mr. John W. Puckett
Ms. Fredricka Quattlebaum
Mr. C. R. Quickmire
Ms. Terry L. Rabe
Mr. and Mrs. Ruddie Ramsey
Mr. Mark Ransford
Mr. A. Victor Rawl
Ms. Margaret S. Reider
Ms. Barbara Remick
Dr. and Mrs. Jim Rex
Mr. and Mrs. Gary A. Rice
Ms. Maxine Rice
Mr. and Mrs. Willie Richardson
Mr. and Mrs. James Rikard
Mr. Wilfred G. Rogers
Mr. and Mrs. Edward Roper
Mr. Willis M. Ross
Ms. Constance R. Rosser
Ms. Mary Ruff
Mr. and Mrs. Phillip N. Ruff
Ms. Lynn Salisbury
Ms. Diana Sangster
Ms. Ardis M. Savory
Mr. and Mrs. Scott Sawyer
Ms. Sara M. Schack
Mr. Chris Schroder
Mr. and Mrs. Ramon Schwartz, Jr.
Ms. Susan Scott
Ms. Mary Anna Scott
Mr. and Mrs. W. T. Scruggs
Dr. and Mrs. James H. Scully
Ms. Angie Sease
Ms. Peggy Sease
Mr. John Seibert
Ms. Mary V. Self
Mr. and Mrs. William Selman
Shandon Presbyterian Church
Mr. Stan Shealy
Mr. James Shealy
Mr. and Mrs. Jesse Sheely
Mr. Terence Shimp
Ms. Laura T. Shull
Mr. William R. Siler
Ms. Priscilla N. Sims
…In honor of the Sims family
Mr. James W. Skardon
The Right Rev. and Mrs. William J. Skilton
Mr. Ron Sluder
Mr. Gary C. Smith
Mrs. Anne S. Smith
Mrs. James Milledge Smith
Mr. and Mrs. Gerald H. Smith
Mrs. Dorothy D. Smith
Mr. and Mrs. James Cromer Smith
Dr. and Mrs. Selden K. Smith
Dr. Maxine Smith
Mr. Ernest J. Smith, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Lewis T. Smoak
Dr. and Mrs. Alexander R. Smythe
Southeast Cardiology
Mr. and Mrs. Marvin W. Spearman
Mr. James Spinelli
Ms. Sibyl Staples
Ms. Jo Andrea Stephenson
Ms. Cynthia Stewart
Ms. Elva C. Stinson and Basil Garzia
Ms. Ann M. Stirling
Ms. Sherry Stone
Mr. Charles Stone
Stoney Hill Farm Inc.
Mrs. Joseph M. Stoudenmire
Ms. Cecile A. Strait
Mr. and Mrs. John H. Strauch, III
Mr. and Mrs. W.C. Stricklin
Mr. and Mrs. James A. Stuckey
Mr. Earl Stuckey
Mrs. Deborah Suydam
Ms. Donna J. Sweat
Mr. Darrell Sweeney
Ms. Betty M. Tarrer
Dr. William G. Taylor
Mr. Heath Taylor
Ms. Amber Taylor
Ms. Carol Ann Taylor
Ms. Marilyn Taylor
Ms. Clara Taylor
Ms. Esther H. Tecklenburg
Mr. and Mrs. Lewis T. Teffeau
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Tetterton
Ms. Christine Thomas
Mr. and Mrs. Francis H. Thomas
Bobby Thomas
Ms. Laura W. Thompson
Ms. Elinor Thompson
Dr. and Mrs. James M. Timmons
Mr. Thomas S. Tisdale, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Philip J. Tralies
Ms. Frances Trapales
Tri-State Printing Company
Ms. Rebecca R. Tucker
Ms. Beverley Tuller
Mr. and Mrs. Robert G. Tunell
George & Jane Tupper Family Fund of Coastal Community Foundation of SC
Mr. and Mrs. Don Turner
Ms. Phyllis Vannort
Mr. and Mrs. James Varn
Mr. Wilfredo Velez
Verizon Foundation c/o Cybergrants, Inc.
Veterans of Foreign Wars Post 641
Ms. Debra Vitale
Ms. Judy Vitters
Mr. Gregory H. Wade
Mr. Bryan L. and Virginia Walker
Ms. Mary Walker
Mr. Harry L. Walker
Mr. and Mrs. David R. Wall
Ms. Linda Sue Wallace
Ms. Linda Wannamaker
Mr. D. T. Wannamaker, III
Lt. Col. and Mrs. Stanley W. Wapinski
Mr. and Mrs. Bernard Warshaw
Mrs. Delphine Washington
Mr. George Washington
Mr. John T. Watkins
Mr. Maynard S. Watson
Mr. and Mrs. Eddie R. Webb
Mr. Steve Webber
Ms. Stephanie M. Weikel
Mr. and Mrs. Robertson H. Wendt, Jr.
Ms. Jackie Westbury
The Honorable and Mrs. J. Seth Whipper
Mrs. Carrie F. Whipper
The Honorable Lucille S. Whipper
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel A. White
Mr. Rex White
Ms. Nancy White
Ms. Gloria Gantt Wilford
Ms. Gay R. Wilkinson
Ms. Harriet P. Williams
Mr. and Mrs. Richard L. Williams
Mr. Gary Williamson
Ms. Susan Wing
Ms. Rose E. Wisner
Woodmen of The World Lodge 1945
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Woomer
Mr. and Mrs. Tim S. Wracker
Mr. Barry D. Wynn
Mrs. F. Hall Yarborough
Mr. and Mrs. Jim Yetman
Mr. and Mrs. Jimmy Yonce
Ms. Jutta Young
Ms. Sarah Zell
Ms. Rebecca Zimmerman

Sustaining Palmetto Member
up to $99

Ms. Alice Adams
Ms. Marjorie A. Adkins
Mr. Randy Akers
Ms. Kendall Epps Alexander
Mr. Ron Alford
Lee Allison
Ms. Linda K. Allman
Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Beta Kappa Lambda Chapter
Ms. Aileen Amick
Ms. Nancy Amis
Ms. Marjorie Amos-Frazier
Mr. and Mrs. Gary T. Angel
Mr. Brent Arant
Ms. Marguerite J. Archie-Hudson
Arlene’s Tax Service
Ms. Jean Armstrong
Mr. Don Ashworth
Mr. and Mrs. L. T. Atchison, Sr.
Ms. Barbara J. Ayer
Mr. and Mrs. Donald Backer
Ms. Helen Barboza
Ms. Katherine G. Barnwell
Ms. Lisa Baughman
Ms. Lola M. Baxter
Mr. and Mrs. C. David Baxter
Mr. and Mrs. William Owen Bearden
Ms. Gloria M. Bell
Mr. Thomas Bell
Mr. and Mrs. John Benson
Mr. and Mrs. David Berkman
Ms. Jennie Besier
Ms. Rebecca D. Beylotte
Ms. Dorothy G. Bilger
Ms. Rita Billett
Ms. Nita Black
Ms. Rose C. Blackstone
Ms. Michelle Bland
Mr. Edward Blue
Ms. Catherine E. Boags
Ms. Tamara Brown Boone
Ms. Elizabeth R. Boone
Ms. Catherine Boswell
Ms. Penny Lyons and Mr. James Boyd
Ms. Sheila W. Bracey
Ms. Ruth D. Bracey
Mr. and Mrs. Ron Brandt
Mr. Donald Branham
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J. Brannon
Ms. Judith Broome
Ms. Patricia Brown
Ms. Sandra Brown
Ms. Viola M. Brown
Mrs. Ruth E. Brown
Mr. and Mrs. Reinhardt G. Brown
Ms. Teresa Brown
Ms. Gloria K. Burg
Ms. Randi Burkin
Mr. and Mrs. Lon H. Burleson
Ms. Jacqueline Buskey
Ms. Paula Wilson Byers
Ms. Mary Byrd
Mr. and Mrs. John S. Calore
Mr. Carl W. Campbell
Ms. Diane Campbell
Mr. Stanley J. Carlyle
Mr. Odus C. Carpenter
Dare Carpenter
Mr. and Mrs. Durham Carter
Ms Margaret Carter
Ms. Mary Carter
Ms. Michelle Cassidy
Dr. Katie B. Catalon
Ms. Judith Lee Cavanaugh
Mr. Mrs. Walter Chandler
Ms. Karen A. Chandler
Charleston Dog Walker
Mr. Allen Cheek
Mr. Lester Chitty
Ms. Johoann Clark
Ms. Meredith J. Clifton
Mrs. Suzanne T. Coale
Mr. Tyrone B. Collins
Msgt. And Mrs. Lonnie Collins
Mr. Norman B. Collins, II
Ms. Constance R. Comer
Ms. Flora P. Condon
Ms. Elizabeth T. Cox
Rev. and Mrs. Julian F. Craig, Jr.
Ms. Linda Crane
Ms. J. G. Cranshaw
Mr. and Mrs. George E. Crawford
Ms. Katie Crawford
Mr. Neal B. Crawford
Miss Fraser G. Creech
Ms. Irene G. Creighton
Ms. Rita Cromer
Ms. Jill Cross
Mr. and Mrs. J. Owen Cumalander
Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Cunin
Mr. John T. Dash
Ms. Donnella R. Davis
Ms. Julia-Ellen Davis
Ms. Dale M. Davis
Mr. and Mrs. Richard E. Davis
Ms. Ernestine K. Davis
Ms. Anne de la Morandiere
Ms. Lauren Dean
Mrs. Emily S. DeCosta
Mr. and Mrs. Richard A. DeLauder
Delta Iota Sigma Ch., Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority
Mr. William Derrick
Ms. Carol Ann Diamond
Ms. Charlene Dickert
Ms. Thelma J. Dingle
Mr. and Mrs. Bobby Dixon
Mr. and Mrs. Danny R. Dotter
Ms. Yvette Douglas
Mr, Hillery P. Douglas
Ms. Joyce Downey
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Draffin
Marion Dressler
Mr. William Dufford
Ms. Debra A. Duffy
Mrs. Holly H. Dunkin
Major (Ret) John Dunmyer, III
Mr. and Mrs. David E. Dupre
Mr. Edward J. Dyckman
Ms. Carolyn S. Eads
Mr. and Mrs. Phillip R. Ebel
Ms. Barbara Edwards
Mrs. Sandra M. Ellett
Dr. Frances L. Elmore
Ms. Jessie L. Epps
Mrs. Judith D. Epps
Dr. Robert F. Epps, III
Ms. Tami Ervin
Ms. Linda G. Estee
Ms. Vanetta B. Etheredge
Mr. and Mrs. J. Henry Fair, Jr.
Ms. Joyce Falese
Dr. Paula R. Feldman
Mr. and Mrs. Fred W. Felkel, Jr.
Ms. Sue C. Ferguson
Ms. Christine Fesuk
Ms. Thuane B. Fielding
Mr. and Mrs. Bernard R. Fielding
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas L. Filer
Mr. & Mrs. T.E. Finney
Ms. Sally S. Floyd
Ms. Ann M. Floyd
Mr. and Mrs. Levern Footman
Ms. Carolyn A. Foti
Mr. Bryan Frain
Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Francis
Harrison and Collin Francis
Mr. Joseph R. Frasier
Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Freeman
Ms. Doris L. Fuller
Ms. Loretta J. Gabriel
Ms. Joyce L. Gallagher
Ms. Elizabeth Ganaway
Ms. Arlene Gates
Ms. Frances C. Gauer
Ms. Michaele S. Ghosheh
Mr. and Mrs. William Jenkins Gibbs
Mr. William H. Gilbert
Ms. Eleanor Gillians
Mr. Arthur L. Gilliard
Ms. Sylvia H. Gilliard
Mr. William Gilliard
Ms. Mary Gilmore
Ms. Melanie Glenn
Ms. Joan Glynn
Ms Kim Godwin
Mr. Jorge E. Gonzalez, Jr.
Mrs. Susie J. Goss
Mr. Clifford Graham
Ms. Dolores Green
Ms. Irma Greene
Ms. Juanita Gregory
Mr and Mrs Ernie Grimaldi
Jamey Grisby
Mr. Scott Grueninger
Ms. Liticia W. Hairston
Ms. Cheryl Whipper Hamilton
Mrs. Eleanor B. Hammer
Mr. and Mrs. Johhny R. Hammonds
Ms. Nellie P. Hampton
Mr. Frank Hardie
Mr. Samuel E. Harmon, III
Ms. Elsie Harris
Ms. Patricia Harris
Mrs. Mary S. Harris
Dr. and Mrs. Roy E. Hartz
Ms. Marsha Lynn Hassell
Mr. J. T. Haynes, III
Ms. E. Joann Hayton
Mr. and Mrs. Jim Head
Mr. and Mrs. James D. Head, III
Ms. Charlotte Heim
Ms. Sharon L. Heisler
Mr. D. Todd Heldreth
SGM (RET) James Henson
Mr. Harry V. Herrington, III
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Cole Higgins
Ms. Gale G. Hill
Ms. Elise C. Hind
Ms. Patricia Y. Hinson
Ms. Jewell G. Hoefer
Ms. Jeanne T. Holladay
Dr. and Mrs. Warren F. Holland, Jr.
Ms. Sheila M. Hood
Ms. Vicky Horn
Ms. Virginia F. Howard
Ms. Mary Jim Howe
Ms. Joan M. Hudson
Ms. Ann Huggins
Ms. Elizabeth A. Hughes
Mr. and Mrs. Paul F. Hunt
Ms. Carolyn C. Hunter
Mr. and Mrs. Jack W. Hunter, Jr.
Ms. Rosemary P. Jackson
Mrs. Mildred W. Jacobs
Mr. and Mrs. Douglas A. James
Mr. and Mrs. Don Jarvis
Mrs. Joanna M. Jellison
Ms. Kathleen Jenkins
Mr. A. Jerome Jewler
Ms. Vanessa J. Johnson
Mr. Lester Johnson
Mr. Harry Jones
Ms. Carolyn S. Jones
Mr. Robert Jones
Ms. Eunice Jones
Mr. Paul W. Jones, Jr.
Ms. Michele Jordan
Mr. Davis W. JordanIII
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph T. Karr
Mr. Elliott Kelly, Jr.
Mr. Robert Kenney
Ms. Shellie Rogers Kimpson
Ms. Minerva T. B. King
Ms. Rosa A. King
Ms. Jan S. King
Ms. Barbara Kirby
Ms. Kathryn Kleibacker
Mr. and Mrs. Melton Kligman
Ms. Sara D. Kneece
LTC Kenneth M. Koester
Mrs. Laurie Kramer
Mr. and Mrs. Brian Krouse
Ms. Amy LaClaire
Mr. and Mrs. Robert D. Lambert III
Ms. Gloria Lambright
Mr. Michael Landin
Landmark Enterprises, Inc.
Mr. Joseph B. Landrum, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Philip Laroche
Ms. Toula Latto
Mr. James Legg
Dr. and Mrs. Gary O. Leonard
Ms. Glenda K. Lewis
Ms. Dennisse Lezcano
Ms. Elizabeth Ann Lindler
Mr. and Mrs. Robert F. Linville
Mr. Glenn Little
Dr. Willie Long
Ms. Celeste Lynch
Mr. W. B. Lynn
Ms. Roberta J. Mack
Ms. Joy E. MacLean
Dr. and Mrs. Arthur A. Madden
Ms. Helen Madden
Mr. and Mrs. Rudolph E. Mancke
Mr. and Mrs. Frank E. Marino
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel E. Martin
Ms. Johanna Martin
Ms. Barbara K. Massey
Matrix Marketing
Ms. Lei Maxwell
Ms. Phyllis Miller Mayes
Ms. Ashley Dawn McAdoo
Ms. Beverly McAlister
Mrs. Marlene M. McClerklin
Mrs. Sarah G. McCrory
Ms. Jamie Y. McCulloch
Tracey McDaniels
Dr. and Mrs. Clarence McEachern
Col. and Mrs. W. L. McIlroy, Jr.
Ms. Georgette C. McKenzie
Ms. Pammie McMaster
Mr. Bryan McNeal
Ms. Margaret McNeely
Mr. Jerry McSwain
Mr. Otha Henry Meadows, Jr.
Ms. Alethia C. Meares
Mr. and Mrs. William G. Medich
Mrs. Shirley M. Mejia
Mr. Ronald J. Meldau
Ms. Amy Mendez
Mr. and Mrs. Paul M. Menges
Ms. Mary Jo Merz
Ms. Barbara G. Metz
Dr. and Mrs. Jack A. Meyer
Midway Baptist Church
Ms. Mattese T. Miller
Mr. and Mrs. Fred Miller
Mr. Nigel Miller
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Miller
Dr. and Mrs. Terry Miller
Ms. Angie B. Miller
Dr. and Mrs. John N. Miller
Mr. Jose Miranda
Ms. Henrietta Montgomery
Mr. and Mrs. Jimmy Moody
Ms. Millie M. Moon
Ms. Bernice D. Moragne
Ms. Mi Morey
Mr. and Mrs. Magdaleno C. Morga
Mr. David Morris
Ms. Verdelle Morris
Mr. and Mrs. Carleton Morse
Mr. and Mrs. Lee H. Moultrie, II
Ms. Phyllis Murphy
Mr. and Mrs. James B. Murphy, Jr.
E. C. Murray
Mr. and Mrs. James Murrell
Mr. Jamal Murrell
Ms. Adele Myder
Mr. and Mrs. A. W. Myers, Jr.
Ms. Janette G. Nathan
Ms. Naomi W. Nation
Mr. Sheldon D.R. Neary, Jr.
Mr. Arthur Nebiker
Mr. Bill Nicholson
Ms. Diane Nivens
Ms. Michelle Orr Noisette
Ms. Jean Norman
Mr. James Norman, Sr.
Mr. Rex Norris
Mrs. Georgie W. Norris
Ms. Diane B. O’Connor
Mr. George T. O’Day
Ms. Toni Odom
Mr. John Olson
Mr. and Mrs. Willard L. Oplinger
Ms. Yvonne Tolley Orr
Dr. Paula E. Orr
Ms. Mary Ott
The O’zer Company, LP
Ms. L. Coconut Pantsari
Ms. Fran Parker
Mr. and Mrs. Vito R. Pascullis
Mr. George Pasevski
Ms. Patricia Pasley
Ms. Martha Patterson
Mr. and Mrs. Harmon B. Person
Ms. Jean H. Pfaff
Mr. and Mrs. John R. Pfeifer
Mr. and Mrs. Francis E. Pfohl
Ms. Elizabeth J. Phillpott
Ms. Yvonne J. Pierce
Mr. Terry C. Plumb
The Rev. and Mrs. Philip G. Porcher
Mrs. Kim Porter
Mr. and Mrs. William H. Porter, Jr.
Ms. Deborah Potts
Ms. Sandra H. Poulnot
Dr. and Mrs. Bernard E. Powers
Ms. Elizabeth Powers
Mr. Paul E. Prailleau
Ms. Zelder Pressley
Ms. Ruth Pritchard
Ms. Saundra W. Purvis
Ms. Bettye S. Purvis
Ms. Kathleen Rainwater
Ms. Babette Rathbun
Ms. Susan Ratteree
Mrs. Louise R. Ravenel
The Honorable Arthur Ravenel, Jr.
Ms. Andrena E. Ray
Ms. Abbey Redfern
Mr. Jerry Redman
Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Reed
Ms. Jan Reed-Harrod
Mr. and Mrs. Gerald A. Reeves
Ms. Anne Register
Ms. Yvonne A. Reynolds
Ms. Lydia J. Rhodes
Ms. Elizabeth H. Richardson
Mrs. Rebecca G. Richardson
Mr. Samuel Richardson, Jr.
Ms. Jeanette Riley
Mrs. Juanita F. Rivers
Mr. & Mrs. Barry Robarge
Mr. Freddie L. Roberson
Mr. and Mrs. Ray C. Robinson
Ms. Barbara Robinson
Ms. Bernell Robinson
Ms. Michele Rodgers
Mr. Joe Roof
Mr. Eric Roth
Mr. and Mrs. LeGrand A. Rouse, II
Dr. and Mrs. Everard O. Rutledge
Mr. John Safko
Ms. Cynthia A. Sandage
Mr. Jose Sandoval
Ms. Annette Sausser
Dr. and Mrs. David N. Scarr
Mr. William Schmitt
Ms. Mary Janette Schumann
Ms. Carolyn C. Scott
Ms. Mary Frances Scrantom
…In memory of Dr. Furchgott
…In honor of Mrs. Irvin Richards and Mrs. Marcelle Furchgott
…In honor of Mr. & Mrs. Orren Knauer
Ms. Jeanette Seagars
CMSGT. Ret Edwards Sharpe
Mrs. Betty S. Shearin
Mrs. W.S. Shipp
Ms. Louise Shirley
Mr. and Mrs. Roy Shiver
Ms. Priscilla Shumway
Ms. Renee Simeon
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher D. Singleton
Skip Welch Construction
Ms. Marilyn Slater
Ms. Jacqueline L. Smalls
Ms. Delores K. Smalls-Anderson
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Smartt
Ms. Betty Anglin Smith
Ms. Deidre Smith
Ms. Virginia D. Smith
Mr. and Mrs. Emory Smith
Mr. and Mrs. George W. Smyth, Jr.
Ms. Sara Snell
Mrs. Nancy L. Sonenshine
The Space Company
Ms. Theresa M. Spann
Ms. Brenda Spradley
Ms. Mary Staats
Ms. Eve Stacey
Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Van Stallworth
Mr. Craig Standstead
Mrs. Hermine Stanyard
Mr. Wilfred J. Steplight, Sr.
Mr. Marvin Stevenson
Mr. and Mrs. Leroy F. Stewart
Jaime Stewart
Ms. H. M. Stewart
Ms. Lois J. Stewart
Dr. and Mrs. Jim Stiver
Mr. and Mrs. Dave R. Stokely
Ms. Gwendolyn D. Stokes
Ms. Kaye Strother
Ms. Pat Stuckey
Ms. Hilda Sugg
Ms. Anne S. Suggs
Ms. Gwendolyn Sumter
Mrs. Willie Dell Taylor
Ms. Victoria Taylor
Ms. Virginia C. Thomas
Ms. Angela Thomas
Ms. Elizabeth Thomas
Mr. and Mrs. Fred A. Thomas, Jr.
Mr. Thomas Thompson
Ms. Kimberly Thompson
Mr. Dillard Thompson, Jr.
Mr. Thomas E. Thornhill
Ms. Elizabeth A. Thrash
Ms. Liz Timmons
Ms. Christine Tittle
Ms. Anna B. Tolbert
Training & Consulting Solutions, LLC
Ms. Phyllis Turner
United Dental Group, LLC
Dr. and Mrs. S. N. Vogel
Mrs. Joe D. Walden
D L or J B Waldrup
Ms. Helen S. Walsh
Mr. and Ms. Joseph Walto
Chris Warnick
Mr. and Mrs. Gaillard F. Waterfall
Mr. John Watson
Mr. and Mrs. William J. Weiss
Ms. Daina Wells
Ms. Debby Werth
Ms. Delores M. Whaley
Ms. Sandra Whetstone
Mrs. D’Jaris D. Whipper-Lewis
Mr. and Mrs. J. Daniel Whisenhunt
Mr. and Mrs. Donald White
Ms. Nancy B. Whiteside
Mr. James D. Whitfield, III
Ms. Ernestine E. Whitten
Ms. Rose Wilkins
Mrs. Earl T. Williams
Mr. and Mrs. Mike Williams
Ms. Mary E. Williams
Ms. Mary Albergotti Williams
Mr. and Mrs. Vernon Williams
Drs. James and Frankie Williams
Ms. Kay W. Williams
Ms. Nancy Williamson
Mrs. Mary T. Wilson
Ms. Cecelia A. Wilson
Ms. Katherine H. Wise
Ms. Christine Wise
Mr. and Mrs. Francis Yetman
Mr. J. Carl Young
Mr. Verdell Young

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